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2022 Height of Fashion Wine Walk
August 5 | 5:00 - 7:30 PM

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(More Than Just) Wine Walk

$40/ person, includes a commemorative glass & 5 drink tickets

Online Pre-sale . . . Friday, July 29 | 12PM (while supplies last)

In-person sale (at Magpies) . . . Friday, August 5 | 12-1PM & 4-5PM 

(while supplies last)

Glass Pick-up (at Magpies) . . . Friday, August 5 | 12-1PM & 4-5PM


NEW IN 2022: Due to regulatory & permitting changes with the State of Alaska, we will be changing the format of the Wine Walk a little. New this year, you will now be able to choose the beverage of your choice at each stop! Stops will be limited to local businesses with existing liquor licenses-- mostly on Brewery Row (Galena), North Harbor Dr, and Egan Dr. A list of participating businesses and their alcohol choices will be available July 29, when online presales start at 12PM. Participating businesses may offer a beer, wine, hard seltzer, or cocktail choice--making this the Height of Fashion *More Than Just* Wine Walk!! Your glass purchase of $40 will include a commemorative glass (this year's version is stemless since we're changing things up!), and 5 drink tabs for your drinks. You will need to keep these drink tabs, as they are your ticket for a beverage at the stops you make. You can choose to use all the tabs at one location or spread them out over multiple locations. You can get wine at one stop and beer at the next... the choices are up to you!! You will need to carry your drink tabs and your valid photo ID to each stop. We are not carding before the event, so you will be carded at each stop by the bartender. If you run out of drink tabs and wish to enjoy another frosty beverage, you may purchase additional drinks at each stop. If you lose your drink tabs, we will NOT replace them after they have been issued; so keep them safe and handy on your walk through town. As always, please Wander Responsibly!

As with every year, we encourage you to dress in your Gold Rush Days finery while stopping by our local restaurants & breweries along Galena, North Harbor, and Egan Drives, and responsibly enjoy this *more than* Wine Walk. Please do not leave a stop with any alcohol in your glass. 
* * *
Then join us for the Height of Fashion Beer & Wine Garden at the Open Air Market (across from Ruth Pond) from 7-10 PM. 

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