2020 & 2021 Royalty
Diane & Bobby Gibbs


All hail the Queen & King!

The Gibbs' have the historic and distinct honor of being our only 2-year reigning royalty, as they are the Valdez Gold Rush Days King & Queen for both 2020 & 2021! They were originally voted by our committee as Royalty for 2020, but due to the Pandemic, they were granted an extra year.

Bobby and Diane have spent the last 41 years raising their four children, working, volunteering and enjoying life in Valdez.  Encouraged by their childhood friends to move to Valdez, they were assured that they would love it here. They got married, packed their bags, and left Atlanta, Georgia. Just a few days later, on May 28, 1980, they became, not just an Alaskans, but, Valdezians!

Diane started her work experience working for Summer Fun, then Harborview Developmental Center, PWSCC Temp, Substitute Teaching, and then a classroom teacher for 30 years. Diane had a variety of  jobs when not teaching. One of her favorite jobs was being a tour guide for Alyeska Pipeline.  She got a lot of pleasure telling visitors about the pipeline and about Valdez. After the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, they opened their first Bed and Breakfast. 

 Bobby began working as a night auditor and 411 Operator at the Lamplighter Inn and a lifeguard for Summer Fun. He was then employed at Harborview Developmental Center until its closure. He later worked as a Corrections Officer at Valdez Police Department for over 16 years. Following this role, he moved into a position as the Teen Center Director. After his retirement as director, Bobby accepted a position at Safeway where he currently works as a mid-shift manager.  

Their volunteerism and sports coaching were centered around working with the youth of the Valdez community. Bobby and Diane have coached and volunteered for; basketball, T-ball, coach pitch, Little Dribblers, softball, volleyball, AWANA, Museum board, Valdez Youth Coalition, Missionary to London, Elk’s Basketball Tournament, Special Olympics, Parks and Rec Commission, score keeper, Parks and Rec Events, AVV, Electric Company Elections Committee, Elders for Bayside Community Church, Sunday School Teaching and Valdez Gold Rush Days! 

Their four kids, Bobby, William, LaKeyshea and Nathan always participated in sports activities. Bobby and Diane enjoyed watching and supporting their kids in basketball, volleyball, wrestling, swimming, track, baseball and football. Bobby and Diane later became strong role models and great encouragers for their nieces, Tiwana and Andrika Merritt. Watching all six children grow into strong men and women has been a highlight of their time in Valdez. 

 Throughout the years they have enjoyed all Gold Rush activities especially the fashion show. They loved seeing the trends in fashion from the past years to the present. The parade is also one of their favorite activities, along with the fish fry. It is always a great way to get acquainted with more residents and visitors to Valdez. 

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