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2023 Royalty 

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Steve & Sara Irwin Goudreau

It is our distinct pleasure to present to you the 2023 Gold Rush Days King and Queen, Steve and Sara Irwin Goudreau! It’s hard to imagine a recent Gold Rush Days without Sara or Steve being involved. Queen Sara has held of the title of GR President, Vice President, board member, and top raffle ticket seller over various years and has coordinated crowd-favorite events like the Gold Rush Open Air Market and Quick Draw. And although King Steve hasn’t had an official title on the board, we can think of a few: official tent master, official GR storage courier, official garbage hauler… we think you get the idea; he is heavily involved in the background!

“We have been involved with Gold Rush Days since the 1970’s, participating in great events like the Gold Rush Fashion Show, fish fry’s, and riding around in the Hoosegow with a keg of beer. Steve was 'Paul Bunyan' in the parade one year when Judy Londo rented giant blow up outfits from Anchorage. He kept accidentally hitting kids with the logs his costume had tucked under his arms, it was hilarious.”
Steve and Sara officially became Valdezians in 1974 after being hit with the “Black Gold” fever, AKA
Trans Alaska Pipeline. They had stated they’d stay for 3 years to make their fortune and then head back
home to Michigan. Obviously, it didn’t turn out the way they had planned and our community is better
for it! The stories from those early Valdez days are something straight out of an old Gold Rush tale with
characters like “Bullets”, underground gambling raids, and rowdy nights at the Club Valdez Bar. They
were both avid softball players out at the Gold Fields and participated in many tournaments.

Sara initially took a job with Harborview Developmental Center as the Recreational Program Director
and later worked many years with Valdez City Schools. Steve was with Laborers #341 before taking a
position with Alyeska as a technician and retired as supervisor after 37 years with the company. Family
life added another level of busy as their kids, Kate, Matt, and Jamie, were active in many sports and after-school activities.

Between the two of them, Non-profits like Valdez Food Bank, Torpedoes Swim Club, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Little League, Little Dribblers, Emblem Club and Gold Rush Days (to name a few) have benefitted from their time and talents.

These days are spent playing LOTS of Pickleball, enjoying their family and friends, cabin life on Silver
Lake, and sun resets in Hawaii during the cold winter months.The royal couple extends an invitation to play in a royal pickleball match on Thursday, August 3rd from 10-noon at the Barney Meyring courts, weather dependent.

Valdez Gold Rush Days is pleased to present King Steve and Queen Sara, 2023 Royalty! They will be
crowned at noon on Wednesday, August 2nd at the Prince William Sound College Golden Opportunities Luncheon. We hope to see everybody there!


Past Kings and Queens of Gold Rush

2023- Sara & Steve Irwin Goudreau

2022- Laurie & Joe Prax

2020/21- Diane & Bobby Gibbs

2019- Laura & Jeff Saxe

2018- Hazel Hill

2017- Shannon Mahoney-Irish & Henry Irish

2016- Sue and Bob Smith

2015- Charlotte and Jim Shepard

2014- Lynne and Larry Michaud

2013 – Donna and Jim Gifford

2012 – Jerri Plaster

2011 – Larry and Meg Weaver

2010– Trudy and Phil Koszarek

2009– Russ and Molly Palmer

2008– Dave and Joanne Winney

2007– John Cerutti and Marie Blood

2006– Mike and Sue Britt

2005– Darwin and Mary Barrie

2004– Dan and Trish Stowe

2003– Donnie and Sue Blackburn

2002- Lori Saylors and Larry Hodges

2001– Lyle and Pat Von Bargen

2000– Lynn and Janese Chrystal

1999– Linda Fleming and Bill Unfer

1998– Walt and Gloria Day

1997– Judy Londo and Princess Krista Cameron

1996– Benny and Joyce James

1995– John and Jane Tongen

1994– Tom and Gloria McAlister

1993– Bert Cottle and Jean Phillips

1992– Fred and Kathy DiNicola

1991– Arch Fry and Dorothy Clifton

1990– Emil and Dorothy Wegner

1989– Clyde and Hallie Draine Ruhl

1988– Harold Williams and Cathlia Seagrove

1987– John and LaRue Rogers

1986– Harmon and Shorty Hall

1985– George and Judy Maykowskyj

1984– Robert and Ann Kelsey

1983– O.L. and Dorothy Crisp

1982– Mac and Sheila MacDonald

1981– Ed and Frances Walker

1980– Harvey and Delores Stellings

1979– Fran and Robert Larson

1978– Monte and Enola Olds

1977– Sid and Edith Moore

1976– Clint “Truck” Egan and Oma Belle Day

1975– Phil and Phyllis Irish

1972– Owen and Joyce Johnson

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