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2022 Royalty 

All hail Queen Laurie & King Joe Prax

Joe and Laurie Prax put down roots and raised their kids in Valdez while working at their respective businesses. The couple owns Prospector Outfitters in Valdez and Fairbanks and NorthWave Communications/KVAK in Valdez. Joe’s family moved from Minnesota to Fairbanks when he was just two years old and he met Laurie when he went to college at Chico State. Joe graduated from Chico State with a degree in business and Laurie has a degree in Communications and a minor in International Relations. After graduation, and a short stint working in the San Francisco Bay Area for Laurie, the couple settled in Valdez where Joe went into the family sporting goods business. In 1996 the couple bought the local AM radio station and in 2001, they built KVAK FM.

Joe and Laurie have three children. Justin is 21-years old and will be a senior at Idaho State University this Fall, Marianne is 19 and attends Missouri State University in Springfield and Kelsey will be a sophomore at Valdez High School. Joe and Laurie have enjoyed volunteering in town. Joe has been a WESC board member, Boy Scout Leader, Little League baseball coach, City Council member and is currently an active member of the Fly-In Committee and a member of the Valdez School Board. Laurie was the Valdez Junior Achievement coordinator, Little Dribblers Coach, Girl Scout Leader, Basketball Coach at VHS and GMS, President of the Alaska Broadcasters Association and is currently an active member of the International Broadcasters Idea Bank. Both Joe and Laurie sit on the seven-person volunteer committee that runs the Valdez Fish Derbies. Joe has blessed the community by taking pictures of local sports activities and he loves nothing better than a good campfire. When she’s not working, Laurie enjoys playing music and writing songs. Joe and Laurie are thankful to have all their kids and Savannah (Justin’s girlfriend) together in Alaska for Gold Rush Days this summer.

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Past Kings and Queens of Gold Rush

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